Steve Raskin

Belgium is known as the country of beer, chocolate, waffles, and diamonds, but it is also renowned for its innovative high-tech companies exporting their high-quality products and services to the US and the rest of the world. Optimum Sorting is one of them.

Steve Raskin is the Co-founder and CSO of Optimum Sorting, and we wanted to introduce him to you by letting him share his story with his own personal vibe.

I started working in optical sorting in 1998 after studying industrial engineering and lasers in Holland. At that time, it was difficult to find work related to my studies so when I was approached by Elbicon and invited to visit them working with lasers on nuts, I was excited for the opportunity. I started my career in test/demo, eventually working in most departments within the company as it grew, which gave me an extremely well-rounded understanding of how each job and function contributes to the larger system.

No job is too small – they all matter.

A while back, I was on an amateur cycling team and we trained to climb a mountain in France, uphill at a 30% incline for 20km. We started training toward this goal and found that, as individuals, we didn’t need to be the strongest or most in hape member of the team but as a group, we managed to finish the climb. Each person provided a different skill to achieve the goal. Just like in our business, each person has their place in the company. No job is too small – they all matter. Each position contributes to the success of our company. And for each order we receive, we celebrate.

This career has taught me many lessons. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to reflect on every circumstance in detail and not be hasty to resolve. With reflection, I always come to the same conclusion: that I need to be more patient. It’s always better to do it correctly the first time versus hurrying to find a solution and having to revisit the circumstance. Often, looking at a situation twice will offer an alternate solution.

I’ve begun relationships and developed friendships with customers across the globe and am thankful for all the great memories I’ve made and those to come. I look forward to continuing to find joy and success in the work we do and supporting our customers the best we can.

You can learn more about Optimum Sorting here:

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